Welcome to Our Home

Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself to someone or a group of people and forgot your own name? I have not and I hope that never happens. For starters, I’d like to welcome you to Black Girl, White Collar. This site was made for you! My name is Gail and I am “She”. No, I’m not on my high horse by referring to myself as “She” however, I came a very long way and I’d like to embody a sense of mystery… just go with it. You all are referred to as the “Body”. You are ┬áthe body of intellectual beings who give me inspiration and hope. I write not to inspire but to relate. That’s something I can’t always do. Being a Black Girl with a White Collar job is serious business and even as a college student I can’t always run to my peers when I need to vent or even talk about current events and that, my friend, is why you (The Body) are here. Let’s chat, vent, argue responsibly*** (debate) and grow. Welcome to Our Home.


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